A Blog of useful references to promote Tofu-dogs & Hempseeds protein on salads! It’s the year of #PulsePledge and time to get up-beat about some winning prospects to CLEAN UP BIG AG. Tyson, Cargill, Pilgrim’s pride, and Perdue are TOP water polluters draining aquifers to wash dead animal bodies. As independent Eco-Agriculture caretakers, we’re quick to take up causes with hope stabilize real problems. We’re not selling anything, our FB isn’t a barrage of food pictures. We’re doggedly in touch with agricultural issues, and try to express only heartfelt concerns, reveal science articles to form sound guidance & opinions. Always showing gratitude for nature, the harvests and foods we LOVE to EAT. Not many people know the extent to which land uses and animal agriculture degrade the environment and exacerbate certain health hazards. It’s not exactly a pleasure to be consumed with issues around manure & the deadzones from slaughterhouses, but we are focused on change. That means we’ll have bad news on our pages but only because thats where the dirt-digging went. Preferring non-violent uses with us? Don’t mind killing but see how it’s being over-done? Well please join the discussion here! We don’t waste time on Vegan-like its a purity contest or that we need to convince you of a religious dogma, just to get you to be more friendly to pro-organic or Hemp on salads. Its not a joke or Jest that we’ve cruddified our ecological system and defiled so many animals and We’ve been spraying round up since the 70s!! We’re For Banning Round-Up + Trans-fats NOW! Labeling carcinogenic threat-levels of Hot Dogs, saving the bees and butterflies, screwing Monsanto. We believe in methane emissions reductions that close factory farms. Look at where we are, with our resources We need to promote “Eat the Rainbow, green jobs” and campaign against Manure pollution and Toxic Slaughterhouse discharges. Our Activist Facebook feed is all about mainstream sciencey information, anyone could be concerned about, that usually leads folks to concur that it is serious enough to make changes like being Veg or eating much less meat. We share on super-current cutting-edge info and disclose as any leads as we can throw on to be problem solvers and not whiney dip shits. We are ISSUE focused and and demonstrating for cargills clean up, for Meatless Monday + Industrial Hemp as popular ways to stabilize our ag system and affirm public health.

Thanks for caring about AG progress and dietary diversity! We need help promoting land uses and animal caretaking practices that preserve our environment, crop diversity, maintain water quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, and treat animals much better.

Promoting nutritionally valuable plant-based food innovations is the WAY TO GO for COMPREHENSIVE MANURE RUNOFF MITIGATION. So we organize PLEAS for simple stuff like making sure vegetarian recipe databases are heavily promoted to  institutional food providers, with letters of support for Meatless Monday.

As a news service, we keep posts “hella-relevant” stories on #ag economy/policy/nutrition with a bent toward “signs of PROGRESS” that instill hope! LIKE http://www.facebook.com/AgriculturalProgress and if you click “Invite freinds to LIKE” our page and email your screen shots to AgprogressOhio@gmail.com we will enter you in a contest to win awesome prizes! We can send you our toolkit blog of actions and help you perpetuate sustainable non-violent farming in your community.

Here’s Direct links to our blogs since we don’t like the calendar settings on wordpress: 

HOT DOG Cancer labeling w/ Betty White intriguehttp://bit.ly/1VNHciQ

Vegan Taco Fillings feature http://bit.ly/1QDMxsY

Protest Manure Runoff & Cargill Deadzones http://bit.ly/1GkMObM

Pass “Vegislation” (Toolkit for planning Hemp Legalization Demos!) http://bit.ly/1y4Sloc

Compilation of Science and News to inspire participation in Meatless Monday http://bit.ly/1FBVvhi

Legalize Hemp Via Emails: http://bit.ly/1JjXLwy

Actions for Meatless Monday that will actually matterhttp://bit.ly/1GKJbeN

Meatless Monday (MM) Emails to send to local officialshttp://bit.ly/1bym5jF

Sample MM anyday resolutions to present to city councils http://bit.ly/1JEs4i7

Precedent Setting Cleveland MM Resolution, PDFs and Story http://bit.ly/1NqsoBa

Meatless Monday appeal email to restaurants to get with the program!! http://bit.ly/1ILtJBC

Cleveland Clinic Grand Rounds: Meatless Monday overview of benefits http://cle.clinic/1EFxgh6

We aim to boost existing sustainable foodie initiatives that stimulate demand for responsible land uses, reduce the environmental impact of confined animal feeding operations, and cheer on farms that respect biodiversity to a greater extent than the chemical intensive production of mono-cropped GMOs.

This blog site will host only our most important ongoing campaigns. Use our Hempseed for PROETIN and OMEGA FATS recipe sheets to propel nutritional wellbeing. And reference our work on Meatless Monday to inform a promotions strategy in your community. We highlight Cleveland, Ohio’s Resolution for Meatless Monday  that we feel sets a precedent in its breadth of understanding of ag issues, thus raising awareness on the importance of eating less meat. We don’t post about anything fluffy, but do keep it upbeat and hopeful as much as possible.

Our ag system desperately needs to develop plant sectors that have nothing to do with CAFOs or mono-cropping GMOs. By lowering-meat and promoting more veggies and plant protein sources in settings such as schools, jails, and institutional cafeterias, we can take a responsible step that is a completely reasonable dietary adjustment in response to the resource stewardship decisions that need to be made. Animal Ag is not the safest or healthiest considering the non-theraputic use of antibiotics and other contaminants that travel on meat. We genuinely support all other groups and efforts working to shine light on industry practices so the the public can make informed food choices.

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