HEMPSEED OIL recipes + dressings for Omega 3s!! Save our seas by choosing organic Hemp, Flax, & Chia seeds instead of fish/fish supplements to a greater extent. Boost awareness of brain + Heart health needs

A Purely functional & essential food, rich-green Hempseed oil provides an earthy nutty baseline for optimal fat intake – the balance of EFA fats our bodies expect to be working with. These particular Essential fatty acid chains strengthen and replenish our lipid layers, cell membranes, and affirm brain and digestive health. Omega Fats Action Network (OFAN) promotes hempseed oil with the Oceans-preservation angle, because fisheries have been depleted so now’s the time to switch to renewable plant omegas sources like Hemp, Flax, Chia, and Sachi Inchi Seeds, and algae supplements that provide DHA and EPA. Like www.facebook.com/OmegaFatsAction to follow and share our ocean-preserving info!

The Hempseed brainfood recipes/empowerment flier also comes in a simple pro-Hemp version, we produced in with the Ohio Hemp Chamber of Commerce (OHCC). The simple pro hemp, pro healing nutrition, and pro jobs creation is a popular message! Without making people feel bad about overfishing, we still get the nutritional info out!! Please share a recipe sheet that resonates with you and Follow OHCC for more hemp empowerment news and info!

https://www.facebook.com/OhioHempChamber    and    http://www.ohiohempchamber.org

While we’re on the subject, Who is even talking about overfishing? Find out about hemp for omega-3s! find out how we use EFAs in Hemp!


OFAN_hempseed oil _no overfishing_twitt_for_oceans



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