Invite to restaurants, appeal for plant protein source diversity

Dear Restaurant XXX, Our coaltion is allied with several public health and natural resource conservation initiatives, We’ve compiled a brief guide to assist your development of menu items/specials that appeal to vocal, loyal, and pleasant cohorts of consumers, LIKELY to be active in discussion groups where they can rave of our accomplishments. Millennials are consistently favorable to aspects sustainable agriculture marketing and Seniors are being compelled into healtier habits, simply as a survival mechanism.  Balanced Fatty acid ratios (Omega 3 -6-9) stave off inflammation. This is good for public safety because inflammation is correlated with short fuses and therefore fights.

Global Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall and Sir Paul McCartney are pleading for vegetarian diets for resource stewardship. Paul made a compelling Greenhouse Gas Emissions call to action before UK Parliament, spearheading a prevalent kids-cooking curriculum for the Brits. Jane Goodall has written books on the nightmere of CAFO-style meat & Dairy. Manure pollution is a primary H20-quality degradation, along with point-source discharges from slaughterhouse.

The good news is, ecological information is rapidly informing folks consumption patterns. These Menu initiatives back up “Farm – to – table” branding you may already be employing, reduced reliance on CAFO-produced meat in restaurant means less acreage Round -Up Ready GMO soy & BT toxin GMO Corn sprayed with atrezine and seeds coated by Bee-killing Neo-nics! The little guy farmers that gain thru our menu promotions, are the same we celebrate with Farm 2 School.

Why not make a positive contribution to at least one serious chronic disease or Carcinogen?

Tasty filling dishes can meet distinct health-science-informed qualifications that attract attentive eaters. “Heart attack proof” is code for no added oil and Vegans, Alkaline for fighting cancer. You can still have rich flavor, oily salty and sweet with Low In Sat Fat, no Trans Fat, No cholesterol)

To accomplish this, There are “days” Meat Free Monday and Factory Farm Free Friday, which attract environmentalists, water quality wonks, eco-organic Bee-saving, monsanto protesting, Science marching parents that don’t want their kids impaired by known hazards. An International Environmental Accord, signed by Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio, attempts to prevent toxic algae. Observing these days is aligned with the  Phosphorus fertilizer application reductions goal: 20% by 2020.

Specialty menu promotion opportunities provide ample context, and fleet of supportive healthy bloggers likely to share good news of your work. #PulsePledge is an incredible #plantprotein promotion,  sponsored by the UN FAO & Canadian Pulse Assoc. Remember Beans are Gluten Free, low in saturated fat and high in fiber, to not give them top billing in at least a couple dishes, deprives folks who would otherwise respond to their fiber deficiency. Its a case of dietary diversity nurturing sustainable land use outcomes. Chick Peas are replacing tobacco which is welcome cushion for farmers. #HempMenu #EatHemp Are promotions by and &   accomplishing the same goals, and uniquely well suited for snacks category, and breakfasts that lower colon cancer risks by replacing processed meats.

The Brainfoodies 4 EcoOmega3s coalition is excited to advise your additions of Hemp nuts, Flax powder, Chia seed, or walnuts for omega3 enrichment. Favorable fat balance ratios and Your innovative applications to mental health leader, Non-profits & Agency staff affiliated with child development, heart attack prevention, Ocean Conservation, PTSD recovering, Cannabis users and medical believers o work with you to solidify more leadership that will help stabilize key agricultural problems. I greatly appreciate your consideration for the idea of having meat free monday menu promotions!

Here’s a little background on the Meatless Monday (MM) initiative: Sir Paul McCartney’s video explains how its a modest feel-good thing. Its about making collective-impact and enjoying dietary-diversity, rather than suggesting individuals make drastic dietary changes. See his 8 minute message to schools here:
The Cleveland Meatless Monday resolution compels action with serious water-quality stewardship and conservation language. These sentiments could HELP protect water quality and public health in the State as well as spare animals from harm, with a totally reasonable way, Have a look at the PDFs of the resolution are up here 🙂

Doctors support your help on this: 

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Dr Roxanne Sukol insightful interview on why everyone needs healthy veggie meals, focused on fiber and real food:
REMEMBER It’s supposed to be a positive thing, far from dogmatic, but patriotic.. Woodrow Wilson backed Meatless Tuesdays to conserve. , because childhood fruit and veggie consumption is a national health concern. ANY way adults can lead by example, and make room for these servings themselves, sets us up strong.
Promoting a bigger veg menu/special doesn’t stop anyone from ordering meats, but patrons get a indication that it’s easy to meet these thresolds to qualify as a suitable dish adhering to such common concerns.
Ask for restaurants BLOG
Action steps BLOG
MM HSUS Toolkit for Hospitals
HSUS MM Toolkit k-12
Cover Page @ Humane society site
Cle MM PSA Beatles music
AG Jane Goodall quote -AG prog
NEO Sierra landing page for MM with Jane
CLE city climate friendly eating 2page PDF
Template Meat-Free ANYDAY RESOLUTION to be introd!!
Appeal Video by SIR PAUL to Schools
NEO Coalition Fundrazr to cover postage mailing resolution

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