Meatless Monday Invite to restaurants to expand protein source diversity.

Hi All ! (Restaurant XXX) Thank you so much for being open to fresh ideas, and ways to support dietary diversity with healthy sustainable menu items! I’m excited to work with you to solidify more leadership that will help stabilize key agricultural problems. I greatly appreciate your consideration for the idea of having meat free monday menu promotions!

Here’s a little background on the Meatless Monday (MM) initiative: Sir Paul McCartney’s video explains how its a modest feel-good thing. Its about making collective-impact and enjoying dietary-diversity, rather than suggesting individuals make drastic dietary changes. See his 8 minute message to schools here:
The Cleveland Meatless Monday resolution compels action with serious water-quality stewardship and conservation language. These sentiments could HELP protect water quality and public health in the State as well as spare animals from harm, with a totally reasonable way, Have a look at the PDFs of the resolution are up here 🙂
Doctors support your help on this: 

Cleveland Clinic Wellness Dr Roxanne Sukol insightful interview on why everyone needs healthy veggie meals, focused on fiber and real food:
Cleveland Clinic Wellness 20 minute Meatless Monday presentation with DR Patton, deals with positive health outcomes (heart disease, stroke, diabetes) and touches on emissions reducs!
A course of action I suggest, and hope you will consider, is for _______ to offer a Meatless Monday menu to patrons. Something like “and today’s Meatless Monday, Here’s our enticing vegetarian menu in addition to our regular menu”. It could be special!
Sustainable foodies would certainly come out to support A LOT. If you’ve ever considered something like this before, NOW IS Definitely the time!! 🙂
Promoting a bigger veg menu/special doesn’t stop anyone from ordering meats, but patrons could still get an enticing reminder that there’s delicious ways to participate in Meatless Monday – a global conservation program!
Obviously, ______ restaurant already has some sense of sustainable sourcing seriously. Doing something for MM is totally in-line with that, especially leading by example for other restaurants that aren’t sustainable at all. There’s A LOT of water pollution discharged from Meat processing facilities to consider, separate from the manure management woes at the farms themselves.
Please be in touch! LOVE you guys!!

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