Meatless Monday toolkit of action ideas that will actually matter!

Anyone can do these simple steps with our bodies, voices, and a little coordination broaching the subject!!

Line up key players in your area, get them primed to make supportive statements and encouraging menu-adjustments and changes to food services. Handing them our info in the compilation of supportive materials (includes Humane Society Implementation toolkits for Universities and hospitals)    Sample email to politicians:

Hop on twitter: RT @AGProgressOH targeted pressure campaign tweets for Less Killing and emissions.

Be SEEN!! Holding up signs in public places is not a waste of time. In fact its like spreading cheer and good will all over. People need reminders about making it a Meatless Monday. Getting OUTSIDE builds community and PARADING around your local business districts making noise and holding signs is enough to make an impression on local restaurants to take today to remember compassion. Do Visibility on a busy Street Corner and in front of key locations for hours to be noticed because we SEEK Resolution!

Hang up posters on bulletin boards and telephone poles (staple gun required): We developed this poster to confront manure runoff that threatens water quality. If you have your own designed, great, just make it snappy (the help MM can bring really wants to kick in for people!)

Push for a City/County/State Resolution, here’s one easily adaptable! 

Use your connections at Radio stations (college ones) to get a PSA such as ours written produced and delivered ASAP!

Disrupt Biz as usual at Walmart: Loud one:

Walmart One minute speakout for the trapped animals:

Disrupt Biz as usual at the mall food court

Write a  Letter to the Editor: Base one off the news: We need veggie food to reduce emissions, reduce the overuse of antibiotics,  reduce manure runoff and toxic algae blooms, prevent heart attacks and reduce cancer rates and diabetes. Relate it to health environmental and animal news!

Start An online petition, Promote an online petition! and have them!

Sign this petition to USDA:

and this one for California Drought situation.

Spread Sir Paul’s Video message to schools:

Get faith groups, and traditional health care institutions involved to vocalize support and participation through their networks. Meatless Monday nurtures a food culture that combats chronic illnesses and reduces pain inflicted on animals, let them know this is care and creation care. Share a meme off #LessKillingDays #meatlessMonday etc!

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