Letter to your Local Leaders with suggestions on demonstrating Leadership for Meatless Monday

Hello all hard-working City, County, House, and Senate contacts! I am so grateful to connect with you re: State response to toxic algae. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I wanted to follow up to let you know about simple ways elected leaders can get involved
We need the spirit of resource stewardship across political boundaries, Increasing reliance on plants, in place of animal foods, is a broad approach to prioritize health and energy-efficiency. It will give people confidence that we’re being thorough in addressing manure runoff & toxic algae.
We could all learn from this line in the Cleveland Meatless Monday Resolution: “WHEREAS, less water intensive, plant strong agriculture and eating habits support resiliency to climate change while limiting the likelihood of animal manure polluting our fresh water and causing algae blooms that create aquatic deadzones.”.
 For ways to help:
US House Rep Cardenas (D-CA) supports MM for water conservation and published an editorial:


He also wrote a dear colleague letter, and a letter to the house animal caucus.


Any Actions like this would be so meaningful. And can someone get just one school district to start observing Meatless Monday? That would help by showing there’s leadership from multiple segments of society for doing what what we can. FYI School Boards did not write back when Sierra Club Sent out a letter recommending MM back in September/Oct.
The algae blooms are certainly a dire situation. A Modest conservation program like meatless monday is an honest good-will effort that many caring folks will be happy to see garnering support. There’s also “Factory Farm Free Friday” but you get the idea, it’s all about reducing environmental impact of large-scale feeding operations, in a totally reasonable/accessible way!
Food service providers can be referred to the Humane Society for free posters, cookbooks, and guidance for a smooth implementation. Dairy production contributes a lot of the manure runoff, so it’s important to stress Meatless Monday isnt a “cheese pizza day” but it’s an opportunity for veggies, grains, beans (some fiber, cleaner fats/less fat). You get the idea!!
Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help! I can surely help promote MM in your districts.
Attached is a talking points documents from Humane Society. Links to PDFs of Cleveland MM resolution are at:
Thank you so much for your time!! Let me know how things look! 🙂

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