Legalize HEMP Via Emails! Get friends informed & generate sense of investment in the struggle for the Hemp Farming Act! Pass the #Vegislation

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If enough of us do this EASY task, we’re going to seal the deal for justice in the struggle to LEGALIZE!! How many friends can you get to contact their US Rep and Senators? Start by putting aside an hour for contacting people! 

It’s never been easier to propel change! Getting active for Hemp Farming rights now will KEEP YOU on the cutting edge for helpful change, making you the hero to all your friends who become inspired to make the world a better place. Find your piece of the struggle! Take on imperative nutritional wellness initiatives that stabilize Key agricultural and environmental problems. While too many in society hits the snooze button, lets do justice by the kids future and the biosphere we share.

While all agri-biz destroyers get their pollution permits (Wringing my hands!), we need Agricultural Equity – to stop oppressing hemp in federal law! OK onto the emails and posts to gain support! PASTE THESE FOR OUR SHARED SUCCESS!!

EMAIL: Hi Friend! I’ve supported Hemp since I was a teenager. Now, we need healthy foods and non-toxic land uses more than ever, so I’m asking everyone to take a few minutes to contact your Reps in Washington, DC and tell them to co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. The Act will define Industrial Hemp as non-drug, removing barriers to its commercial production, so it can be a superfood renewable resource blessing in all 50 states! Just think about all the valuable, wonderful uses of HEMP: the seeds, oil, fiber, and new CBD medicines. It can keep people alive! Hempseed is one of the healthiest foods! Now’s the time to speak up that we want Hemp in the economic revival. You can call or email, as long as you let congress know Sustainable farming & green jobs are of mainstream importance!! We especially need to pick up support in the US Senate. Tell US Senators to co-sponsor Bill S134. Why not make this a viral message because people power is what’s going to determine a better day! is the link to spread for making those contacts. Or call straight into the congress switchboard at 202-224-3121.


Here’s an FB post to share: Now’s the time to Legalize Hemp! Congress has recklessly oppressed this crop thats good for us and the planet we share! Hempseed is a very popular super-food with brain-supportive Omega-3s and a bunch of protein density – all essential nutrients. I’m all for protecting the Small businesses and helping innovative farmers connect with markets free from unjust federal oppression. Tell your US Rep and Senators to co-sponsor The Industrial Hemp Farming Act because Hemp is not a drug and should not be criminalized in federal law like it is today. Here’s our chance to restore the sacred civil-rights of all people, to pursue a non-violent, sustainable careers and a healthy agricultural way of life!! is the link to share to contact congress ASAP



More art and tools from activist partners Omega Fats Action Network:

Shareable memes from omega fats action:

Pass Vegislation toolkit for planning a visibility action :

Many ways to Act on Fats! Follow #ActOnFats @OmegaFatsAction

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