Calm down the Killing! Walmart meat section toolkit for PLEAS #PigsOutNow #LessKillingDays

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Thanks to your concern for agricultural practices, there is hope to calm down animal abuse and chronic health hazards perpetuated by Walmart’s meat section! Congrats for finding this blog. It’s truly down to the count for our beleaguered environment so Walmart should be supporting healthier farming & putting appropriate health warnings on meat, carbon footprint counts, substitution recommendations, MM promotions, Heart attack and cancer threat logos, pictures of the water pollution and manure runoff. Lets get to work in favor of clean water, emissions reductions, and reducing carcinogenic threats.

To build corporate pressure on the Mega retail giant to ACCOUNT, we appeal to use your voice, peak out and film your protest. Try one of these themes!

Assemble your crew now and GO IN as:

Mama Sow Liberators: Yell for the Pigs release at the check out lines on a bullhorn. “Animals need our help!”  In just a few short minutes of speaking you can really wake people up!! We at Ag Progress beleive in Grassroots.

1) “Germaphobes against super-bugs”: Speak out about the overuse of antibiotics on Factory Farms, all to keeping the animals alive in their cruddy trapped conditions. 80% of antibiotics are used on farm animals and it creates antibiotic resistance. MSRA is a bacterial strain that kill 20K people a year. “Super-bugs” we oppose leave Factory Farm facilities in fecal material, on workers, in the wind even.

2) “Carcinogenic protein warning Brigade” – Look into correlations where meat consumption spikes cancer rates, Read from some of these studies as we call for the Surgeon General to get involved with appropriate warnings. Ask for walmart to work with its suppliers to support less-meat-where-possible initiatives like Meatless Monday thru taxes generated like a sin tax. We need some mechanisms like this kicking is to protect water quality, reduce emissions, and the animal

3) “Manure runoff mitigators & toxic discharge opponents” –  get fired up by these news stories and water pollution discharge reports from Environment America 

This 3/26 editorial says
“Experts estimate that two-thirds of the algae pollution in the western Lake Erie basin is caused by runoff of manure and chemical fertilizers from farms into the lake’s tributaries.” and “Much more work remains to be done — in Columbus, Washington, and communities along Lake Erie — to defeat the algae menace. Ohio can’t do it alone; officials in all states and Canadian provinces along Lake Erie must work together, with a sense of urgency, to reduce phosphorus levels in the lake by the 40 percent that scientists agree is necessary.”
Finally, this editorial from back in October was the First and only of its kind to be published in a major state newspaper, calling out the unsustainable demand for animal products as a major cause. This writer does a great job promoting efforts like meatless monday.
Environment America 2013 Water pollution discharge reports:  Tyson Foods Inc. is the parent-company reporting dumping the largest discharge of toxic chemicals into our waterways, with a total of 18,556,479 lbs – 9 percent of the nationwide total of toxic discharges. Of the top ten parent-companies by total pounds of toxics released, four are corporate agribusiness companies (Tyson Inc., Cargill Inc., Perdue Farms Inc, and Pilgrims Pride Corp.)
Toxic Discharge Report on Tyson to read from

4) “Act On Climate, Act ON Farts! Comprehensive Emissions reducers” Speak out about methane emissions from livestock that are especially heat-trapping. Resource stewardship means curbing deforestation and mono-cropping. Livestock emissions reductions coincide with something heart healthy like Meatless Monday, How can we go wrong!

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Link to G-drive to PRINT PLACARDS you connect with most!

Actions on Hemp and Meatless Monday that will actually matter!

For NEO Meatless Monday
Hi friends in support of Meatless Monday observance in NEO! please connect friends with our group! i wanted to quickly review exciting opportunities to make a difference we are facilitating.
1) Putting up Posters warning about Manure Runoff that leads to toxic algae blooms in lake erie: We have posters to get onto bulletin boards. Hanging them on telephone poles in busy enough areas, near public transit etc is great. Think thumbtacks, staple guns and tape! Take a look and if you’d like to blanket some business districts, email to schedule a pickup or we can mail u fliers. wqe have 1800 ready to staple on hand! Or print ur own! 
2) Banners for visibility: We have some big banners to hold for Meatless Monday and Factory Farm free Friday. The idea it to remind people that these days are a thing worth observing. Banners look like this:
3) Direct Actions: Speak outs and Die Ins at Walmart to stop #Walmartcruelty Anything else on the blog! All these action steps can help so much right now!: to assure pickup of banners, and posters. Make Your own posters with posterboard and sharpies to skip this step! Print some fliers! Join “NEO Meatless Monday Coalition” FB group to connect with many posts to share!
Here’s a link to our Ohio Themed Flier (the same image as top of this page but in a Google doc format for printing)  
Put theses anywhere around
Pass Vegislation Banner

For Fans of Hemp!! Omega-3s awareness group, Omega Fats Action Network, is doing great work promoting the plant sources of Omega-3s and urging US Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to affirm MORE OMega-3s and veggie protein sources be grown, for all those healthy non-drug sustainable reasons to grow hemp.

There are several awesome ways to get involved that will mean a lot right away, and my bakery is offering prizes to leaders who get legalization actions accomplished!! (think free hempseeds and Dr Bronners soap, commissions for scoring good arrangements for the seeds to be enjoyed, added to menus etc) This is in addition to the cool cosmic karma and credit you’ll receive for helping Hemp serve health and wellness!!
1) Legalize Via Email: One of the easiest ways to generate pressure on congres sis to let you’re frineds know to get their comments in, Sample paragraph to copy and paste ois on this blog: If you email/FB message over 100 friends and show us the screen shares of your actions) get entered to win!
2) Demonstrations to Legalize HEMP: We want to influence the senators, get them co-sponsoring the Hemp Farming Act, by demonstrating at their offices. Along with busy intersections and downtowns, hospitals and blood plasma centers are also great focal points for a Hemp farming/rights Demonstrations because the omega-3 issue has so much to do with health and our blood. See Pass #Vegislation Demo Planning blog: Photos of the Demos are extremely important!!
3) Other actions on Fats, Plan a Hemp benefit Party and/or brain-supportive Potluck, Lobby your statehouse officials for Fatty Acid balance strategies and adequate omega-3s be included in Mental Health clinics, Corrections facilities (public contracts), and to affirm mental health of police officers in conjunction with police reform.
4) Speak out at your mental health services board meeting for brainfood reminders et al.!take-action/c39c
Join “Omega Fats Action (OFAN) NE Ohio” On FB or start your own chapter to get things sharing from our main page