Jane Goodall on Meatless Monday, becoming vegetarian or vegan

Dr Jane Goodall, UN Peace envoy read the Cleveland Meatless Monday Resolution and sent us her praise! THANK YOU Jane for making this world a healthy home.
For full text of the Cleveland Meatless Monday resolution (precedent setting for it’s agricultural awareness) click here http://bit.ly/1NqsoBa
Quote by Dr. Jane Goodall

“By becoming vegetarian or vegan, or even just eating less meat, you can make a big difference. It will help animals and it will help the planet. As more and more people eat more and more meat, forests are cleared to provide land to grow grain to feed the billions of animals confined in horrendous factory farms.These animals produce large amounts of methane gas during the process of digestion – an even more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. And the waste from the operations is washed into rivers and lakes, poisoning the water and creating algae blooms. And finally, remember that cows, pigs, chickens and other farmed animals are not just machines – like us they feel pain and know emotions such as contentment and depression. So many people tell me they love animals – but make food choices that do not reflect that love. I fully support the Meatless Monday campaign, helping people in the Cleveland community realize the power of their choices when they band together to help make our world a better place.”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute &
UN Messenger of Peace

Protesting manure runoff & Aquatic deadzones, the Biosphere ISSUES

The Northcoast Of Ohio has dealt with the worst effects of toxic algae, some of which is attributed to manure runoff. We bear the BRUNT!

Links to thorough back up info articles here:


Heres some latest news on toxic algae in lake erie story. all the eco groups saying “more needs to be done”. Whats the big idea thats still missing: reducing animal foods strategically to generate less manure.


This 3/26 editorial says

“Experts estimate that two-thirds of the algae pollution in the western Lake Erie basin is caused by runoff of manure and chemical fertilizers from farms into the lake’s tributaries.” and “Much more work remains to be done — in Columbus, Washington, and communities along Lake Erie — to defeat the algae menace. Ohio can’t do it alone; officials in all states and Canadian provinces along Lake Erie must work together, with a sense of urgency, to reduce phosphorus levels in the lake by the 40 percent that scientists agree is necessary.”


Finally, this editorial from back in October was the First and only of its kind to be published in a major state newspaper, calling out the unsustainable demand for animal products as a major cause.



The Cleveland Meatless Monday Resolution has manure mitigating language, saying if we eat less meat, it means less poop being generated because of our Footprint.  Resolution Language here:  http://bit.ly/1NqsoBa Get one passed in your area!! See Also “Meat Free Anyday Resolution” draft language to propose http://bit.ly/1JEs4i7

There is also a petition to Ohio Governor Kasich to include Meatless Monday as a heart-healthy resource stabilization plan to reduce manure RUNOFF. Please Share broadly in Ohio and encourage midwesterners to follow our blog for easy implementables and recipes for success!! SIGN AND SHARE!!! http://chn.ge/1d8InZ2.

Seal the deal in gaining support for MEATLESS MONDAY from leaders like Hospitals, Universities, School Systems, Corrections facilities. assisted living places, church meals and for families everywhere. Compilation of Science and News to inspire participation in Meatless Monday (Includes Toolkits for implementing MM in many environments!!) http://bit.ly/1FBVvhi

For more ACTIONS on Meatless Monday that actually matter http://bit.ly/1GKJbeN

NOW ONTO ADDRESSING the DISCHARGES from the MEAT Dismembering facilities:

Protest at Cargill in March https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOtLzrLi2to

Right now we are appealing to curb these discharges. Please join tweets from @AGProgressOH www.twitter.com/agprogressOH to gain attenton for an overt campaign from the ECO and Waterkeeper groups to compensate for this somehow. We have to make it OK for the slaughter lines to slow down.

Look for Hashtags: #CargillMeatProblems #CleanUpCargill #CargillDeadzones #ToxicSlaugterhouseDischarges! Share #LessKillingDays Actions. These water issues are ripe to bring up at hospital demos and walmart speak outs! Don’t forget: we have a right to be angry with how things are going down.


Show up at your local Meat processing branded places with signs like this. Ask Cargill and other processors to make overt efforts for pro-plant meal adjustments.

banner_lessmeat less manure peace sign banners_less poop mess death snakes slow down lesskilling in front of cargill

fecal waste

Host A potluck and Manure Mitigation March

cargill salt pic
Take the Message to Cargill facilities (Tyson, Perdue, and Pilgrims are the other biggest offenders, but cargill has a lot of facilities)

yoga at cargill salt

Hang up posters. Contact AgprogressOhio@gmail.com to get some!!

Manure URGENT warning