Appealing to Representatives, Mental Health Services Boards, and food policy councils for Less-Meat being served in Psych Wards & Jails

Look at the natural resource news, antibiotic overuse, manure runoff, climate change, factory farm cruelty, heart disease and cancer spikes from meat-heavy diets. Something has to be done.

So institutional food services at jails and hospitals are good places to start. Taxpayers pay for these places to be running, we should be supporting healthy farming practices, not just artificially cheap meat.

Some groups with Experience Greening Hospitals, and supporting meatless monday, are Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and HealthCare Without Harm

The meat served in these environments is cheap and not particularly health-promoting. And when it’s being served 4 times a day to the Mentally ill (who can be overweight) trapped in psych wards, that’s a cruddy deal for animals and the environment, a place where we could be conserving resources to a great extent and with urgency!

Go to your Local Mental Health Services Board or other Public Health Meeting. Each county has a Mental Health Board or Health Agecy that may have public meetings. Look up the one in your metro area. These groups should be concerned for several reasons:

1) Healthy Balanced fat intake affirms mental health, and adequate omega-3s are essential to recovery. When patients have so much meat, it could throw off this balance.

2) Vegetables and colorful foods have freshness and healthy nutrients making it “feel good food”

3) vegan meals have cleaner fats and heart healthy fiber that nurtures healthy habits.

4) it’s worth it to make a dent for resource conservation, emissions reductions, and water quality. The Pharma drugs in the water is an issue


Cleveland Clinic Wellness Dr Roxanne Sukol insightful interview on why everyone needs healthy veggie meals, focused on fiber and real food:
Cleveland Clinic Wellness 20 minute Meatless Monday presentation with DR Patton, deals with positive health outcomes (heart disease, stroke, diabetes) and touches on emissions reducs!
“meatless monday” in the video section.
Find out more about the extensive pollution and depletion that your local Representatives, mental health services boards, and food policy councils can turn-around by recommending less meat be served in the Psych wards, hospitals in general, and in corrections facilities.

Peanutty Chocolate No-Bake Hempseed Goo Balls


With it being so urgent that we all think about our food choices and farming practices, getting goo balls out in general, is such a genuinely valuable service! It’s one of the best treats around that people crave. Arrange for their production today! Spark your own brainfood breakfast treats. These are so dense, its a meal in itself, with over 400 Calories! We want this recipe benefitting collective strength, so bakeries with the right training & equipment – feel free to produce these and stay abreast of our no-bake recipe ideas.

GOO BALL RECIPE (Makes 85 or so 2.8 oz balls) Sorry you’ll have to do math until we do it in anythign but a 30 qt Hobart mixer!

IN coffee grinder, grind 3c whole toasted hemp seeds, 1.5C cacao nibs, 1/2C chia seed. The Hempseeds clump the most when grinding so you may need to de-clumpify them with a spoon. Don’t pack the grinder so full of seeds, which will slow it down. Add these fresh powdered superfoods to the mixing bowl as you grind!

Add rest of these Dry ingredients:

12c organic puffed cereal

11oz crushed organic Nature’s Path Fruit Juice sweetened cornflakes.

3C Dried sweetened cranberry,

26oz Chocolate chips,

4.5c Hemp Nuts.

Get Paddle affixed in mixer and blend these dry ingredients!

Prepare nut butters: 97oz Natural Peanut Butter (we use 365 brand, BUY NATURAL and take the time to stir it. DO NOT bother with added palm oil or trans-fats PBs!)

26 oz almond butter ( with 5 tbs hempseed oil stirred, pounded into nut butter for several minutes until smooth with the added oilyness)

ADD these nut butters to the dry mix, Start and stop the mixer maybe 4 times while addingthe  nut butters. Taking time to turn up the material that might not be getting dredged up from the bottom, and scraping the wall to get goo into the center to mix up efficiently. YOU DO NOT WANT to overmix.

add 1.5C Maple Syrup as the mixer spins, aiming so the syrup drops in the center and then toward the walls, in a gradual delicate pattern. One stop to turn goo into the center when applying the syrup is nice.
Scrape stickyness off the walls if you notice nut butter sticking to the walls instead of intermixed with the rest of material. some scrapes off the wall and a couple mixes takes care of this quick!