Crispy Tofu Tot recipe.

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There a great Coating for Tofu to pan-fry!

3 parts nutritional years, 2 parts corn flour, .7 garlic salt (storebought) .3 garlic powder and more herbs.

shake this up with black pepper to taste!

The Extra Firm Tofu cubes dont have to be pressed between plates. Gently push it when draining a couple times but you need some moisture so the breading mix will coat right.

After first coat you can let the cubes sit for 15 minutes at least, this allows moisture to fully permeate the breading layer. When you add it back for a second coat you can just pour all the cubes in at ones, dount touch the breading. cubes separate naturally with the shaking.

The time consuming them is fishing the cubes out of the breading bucket. you may need to add a little flour or salt based on how the coating is tasting. or the breading mix.

Go at least 3 coats coating the cubes. Then you’ll be well set to have breading stick on. this recipe hasn’t failed so far using the corn flour!

Stick to a strong pan, don’t overcrowd the pan with cubes unless you’re ready to be super delicate rotating around. Let them harden and you’ll be good to go!!

This is the best crouton in ur life and the saltyness is pretty high altho u can play with is and swap garlic powder for a greater share.
Serve with dressing. Enjoy cold in pasta and even potato salad.