Meat Free plea to climate resilience task force, Email sent to all Members!

Dear Climate Resilience taskforce member [view members here],  Thank you for your service on the Climate Resilience & Preparedness task force, Part of President Obama’s Council on Environmental Quality!

I’m seeking some comments for a press report on agricultural stewardship. I am following up with Climate leaders to find out what is working in regards to agricultural initiatives. The City of Cleveland has a pretty advanced sustainability department and although City Hall passed a very agriculturally-aware Meatless Monday Resolution (PDFs and Story up here:, it’s been an incredible challenge to gain participation from Schools and Hospitals. 
Do some school districts in your area honor meat free days? Sir Paul Mccartney has a great video plea to school systems every environmental leader should see

Meat Free Days also support adequate fruit and veggie servings. It’s credited with helping student health in districts like San Diego where officials tout it as a preventative measure against childhood obesity.
My Agricultural Progress initiative advocates for such sustainable menu adjustments. I’m interested to find out, if it’s being picked up at all in your part of town? Have hospital systems embraced and implemented sustainable menu plans? Have institutional food services, such as in corrections facilities? 
Have you personally pushed for observance of “meat free days”? Would school board members/food service providers be willing to comment on the applicability and acceptance of the program? Would you consider taking actions in this regard, such as passing a resolution, or supporting a National Call for Meat Free/Factory Farm free menus with other member the Climate Task Force? 
Nursing homes, Psych Wards, and Assisted Living places are more environments where prioritizing service of cleaner plant foods can make a dent in conserving water while reducing methane emissions at this critical time.
Here’s come background information on this conservation day.
The Humane Society of the US are Primary advocates for Meatless Monday.
Here’s their campaign landing page:
NE Ohio Sierra Club are environmental leaders advocating for Meat free Monday with support from Jane Goodall. Her quote enlightens the water and land implications of producing animal foods at the rate we have. Her thoughtful quote graces NE Ohio Sierra Clubs front page.
My group has spearheaded a charge specifically to broach the unsavory subject that it’s not just manure runoff contributing to toxic algae blooms (a big concern on Ohio’s north coast) but toxic discharges from slaughterhouses that account for over 20% of toxic discharges to US surface Waters. As environmentalists, it’s incumbent upon us, I believe to look at the big picutre, and extent of resource abuses unfolding here. Just HOW MUCH of this is worth it? what’s the plan to reduce it these threats to water quality?
Meat free Days provide an important economic stimulation for “little guy” vegetable & grain farmers whose practices can be considered climate-friendly (by using less energy and water than the big meat producers)
I would LOVE to hear of any support from your Office, that we could report as signs of progress for the many observers in America concerned with sustainable farming. 
My appeal is super-personal because I started a #CleanUpCargill Initiative to put pressure on the company to overtly reduce these toxic discharges. I am appealing for help from the climate taskforce, to join these appeals to Cargill. 
Because Cargill is such a big agri-business, perpetuating a great deal of pain & aquatic Deadzones, it’s certainly a priority to me to uncover paths forward, to gain sustainability commitments that have hope for stabilizing key agricultural problems.
For water impact details,See Wasting our Waters report by Environment America:
Environmental Working Group EWG “meat eaters guide” delves into these hazards and recommends Meat free Monday Observance as well:
These are really important reasons to get involved. I hope to hear your feedback. We’d like to praise climate leaders who are implementing meat-reductions and DIVESTMENT from Factory Farms, through my reporting and club which will be so thankful. Its a chance to join UN Peace Ambassador Jane Goodall in good will conservation efforts.
P.S. at there’s a Cleveland Clinic Wellness Grand Round (in the video series menu) that spends 20 minutes on hard science why plant based menus protect health. It’s true, we have so many diabetes, heart disease, and obesity risks, even promoting a modest adjustment like Meat free Monday or Factory Farm free commitments will nurture a food culture that helps millions of Americans running these health risks to diversify their diets.
P.p.s Here’s our most thorough appeal at the Ohio Statehouse to support overt meat reduction as a way to reduce manure runoff and protect health, the environment, and animals.
 Blessed MONDAY to you all! 🙂
Recent email (Dec 26 2015)  to Indiana, Fla, Santa Barbara and Houston TX members

Hi, this is XXXX who touched base briefly pleading for help from Climate Task Force members to help stabilize key agricultural problems.

And exciting bi-partisan opportunity has arisen to join the Senator from North Dakota in promoting creative uses for pulse crops. this is the sort of thing that your offices could put a poster up promoting heart healthy fiber from peas beans and pulses, and it would count toward emissions reductions and water quality conservation.
See Sen Hoevens tweet re: Lentils
Agricultural Progress initiative started #OpLentilLaunch to compliment these efforts and appeal for more back up in getting things going like “plant patties” in everyday americana diners/bars/grilles and promoting lentils to replace meat in psych wards, jails, and schools.
Also there’s a need for Canadian Hempseed also to serve this purpose for protein source diversity. Canada has a robust hemp farming sector that has only served to strengthen and nourish (never to cause failed drug tests) and these shelled hempseeds are perfect for institutional cafeterias and in mental Health recover (such as addiction recovery centers) because they have brain-supportive omega3s and are all around clean, easy to digest, and with immune supportive minerals.
Despite the seeds being much better know than ever (available at costco and trader joes, and CVS has a couple hemp ingredient products) there’s a glut of seeds in canada tat needs to be seriously looked at for attractive nutritional enrichment.
For more on the canada hemp glut
Tofu is also fantastic see our sure-fire “as good as fried chicken” recipe up at
Please, I hope its not too much trouble to consider assisting in the service of sustainable North American high-protein plant foods. I am really savvy and can make sure it’s the best possible circumstances for good PR all around,  So I hope you’d be willing to promote these foods or perhaps sign a sign-on-letter as a climate resilience taskforce member that supports things like”Meat Free Monday”
“Factory Farm Free Days”
have a blessed day and I’d like to heard back before the new year. thanks!!

Twitter PLEAS & protest strategy

Join #ActOnFarts Tweets to the taskforce to gain their support for at least meat Free monday! Sign up now for twitter if you dont have it! Obama empaneled this task force comprised of State, Local, and Tribal leaders, as part of his Council on Environmental Quality. The Members, Listed here:, Came out with a report in 2013 that stopped short of recommending anyone eat less meat to reduce manure pollution, methane emissions, and a host of climate-disrupting/biodiversity depleting affects of animal agriculture. Please GET PUMPED to TAKE THEM ON. By all means these people should be helping us close down factory farms and getting in photo ops applauding schools, hospitals, municipal leaders that are in some way declaring Meat Free days in food services or declaring the importance of moderation for conservation’s sake at this time.

Climate resilience taskforce
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National Call to Protest Climate Resilience Taskforce offices:
Find friends who would protest at their climate resilience taskforce member’s office. Call them with opportunities to support pro-veg agricultural harmony and clean up institutional meals. Email them. Tweet them. Thanks! It can be as simple as reading a meat free monday resolution from a supporting city in front of their offices & gov’t buildings: 

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