Hot dog cancer warnings, walmart & Betty White’s good name

Its been since late October that the World Health organization classified hot dogs in the same dangerous cancer threat category like cigarettes.

Despite numerous protests on our YOUTUBE, calling on Walmart to be leaders & institute voluntary carcinogen labeling, the jury is OUT on gaining commitments and The Surgeon General is maybe holding off?

Meanwhile a hot dog industry pamphlet states on p.8 that Betty White eats a hot dog daily on the set of hot in Cleveland and credits them with her longevity. We have tweeted it to numerous animal and vegetarian celebrity twitters. And found the clip where this claim is substantiated. Betty Appears to be under Illuminati mind control, with this staged entertainment nonsense for product placement on Queen Latifah’s show.

We hope Betty White will go back to being vegetarian as many of us know her for speaking out against fur on the Golden Girls. Join our plea for proper labeling on hot dogs and request the National Hot Dog & Sausage council stop glossing over their products carcinogenic threat level.

Please join the plea at your local Walmart, saying “We won’t wait” to be afforded all  the health information. To save activists from having to debate vernacular, you can call it a “PLEA” with Walmart, so people don’t have to worry if they are protesting, demonstrating, occupying etc. Its about going there and getting our plea across to management and getting it on tape, see our videos for more inspiration!

Need more encouragement for getting your plea into Walmart or another major retail leader with ever processed meat oimaginable? See our protest toolkit blog that goes into Manure, Slaugterhouse deadones, and biosphere concerns, and of course the terrible prolonged oppression of animals

Hot Dog Half Sheet Hand-out for demos!!

Print with Clean up Cargill Half Sheet hand out

Hashtags: #HotDogCancerWarning #WalmartCancerPlea



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