Invite to “Pass the VEGislation” HEMP LEGALIZING Visibility/actions! Green jobs Rallies. Invite your activist network since this covers all territory – enviro-peaceful foodies UNITE w/ Cannabis fans!

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Hemp plantage

Hemp plantage

Speak out FOR HEMP in your city! Affirm a healthy farm future and Pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act for our Nation! This blog is about staging a public demonstration, for info about legalizing by email/social media messaging see “LEGALIZE VIA EMAILS!” (

Even on your own, you can speak up about gaining sponsors for the Hemp farming act at community/organization meetings! Hemp farming may not be on the agenda until you bring it up!! Work up your excitement for a rally by SHARING Hemp “vegislative” alerts tagged at #ActOnfats, #SowtheSeed, and #Vegislation. Updates from VOTE HEMP (, Hemp History Week, and Omega Fats Action ( all are great.

Also RE-TWEET @AgProgressOH strategic messaging initiatives!

Now onto the Creative ideas for public demonstrations to support Hemp farming rights, heart-healthy vegan protein, brain-supportive Omega-3s from HEMP to stop overfishing, because we want green-jobs and diversified crops in the world we need to create! We need a MARCH and at least a visibility action to let your neighbors know we want Hemp back! For Wellness in the recovery and a climate resilience, energy efficient, water quality preserving NON-GMO way. It’s vegan, its Kosher. Hemp is an asset. How about ORGANIC even? Plan to get the word out in your area with our set of Action proposals!!

Ready to take the lead and plan your own DEMO to Legalize HEMP?  When scouting a Perfect location, you have to balance taking the message directly to decision makers vs heavily trafficed areas to generate lots of buzz in busy downtowns. It’s worth taking the few hours to get friends riled up to do something to show we want our neighbors to care about this too and Get the message out! The irksome injustices must be overturned, there must be accountability for the resource mismanagement. Healthy non-drug Hemp remains oppressed in federal law, to the detriment of the environment, animals that are locked up when more of our protein could be comin in this non-violent healthy way. Open up to the possibilities, for our health, that people are even doing SOMETHING for nutritional awareness and ag liberty is fantastic. Hemp is in our collective Heritage and should be in our future too.  Share your ideas and organize a truly special demonstration event to propel LEGALIZATION!

What message is needed in the streets? LEGALIZE HEMP NOW! HEMP HELPS, It’s Cruelty-free!  Farming Rights & super seeds in the countryside!  Pass the VEGislation! BRAINFOOD FARMING RIGHTS NOW, Omega-3s for Mental Health healing! People are Hungry, Legalize growing HEMPSEED in USA! “Take Action @ VOTEHEMP.COM,  Vegan/Non-violent  Farming NOW!   Restore Traditional land uses! Hemp for Protein on a salad! Hempseed Oil for Omega-3s to STOP OVERFISHING, Save our Seas, Legalize for Omega-3s! Legalize HEMP for Crop Diversity! Try VEG for water quality stewardship! REDUCE livestock emissions round-up, and antibiotic overuse! Hempsters have been oppressed and marginalized and WE WONT WAIT ANY LONGER! LEGALIZE it for Less toxic agriculture, more nutritional wellness! We’re doing everyone a favor with these essential nutrients, re-planting hemp in place of cancer-causing tobacco. 🙂

Let the Public and Media know! Let your local media know about your coalition! Upload pictures as evidence of the active efforts to restore Hemp! HASHTAG #Vegislation Let the public see that pro-hemp, pro-sustainability message means getting active for our own survival.

Core community to get this together: Who knows about Hemp? Because they’ll be for it! Teens into your forties are likely allies. Find your clusters of coolness – Vegetarians, environmentalists, non-gmo/anti-monsanto friends of bees, innovative farmers, sustainable growers. And what about referencing health stats? Nursing moms need more Omega-3s. Low-allergen and gluten sensitive families devour hemp seeds. Our neighbors with PTSD, Depression, and ADHD could use these clean sources of omega-3!

Cannabis fans and HIPPIES, here’s your chance play leadership roles and score humanity OUT of agricultural calamity. Start inviting everyone to be part of this, as you can start sharing memes on groups and create your own meetup

CHEERs for Hemp’s RETURN should Bridge divides in understanding, eliminate stigma around drug testing and confusion with pot.  “Bring Hemp Back!” “What do we want, our Farming rights!!” “What do we want? traditional land uses restored!” can be part of the green jobs rally cry at colleges. People Are hungry – LEGALIZE! Believe in the spirit of innovation! Hemp in the economic re-development benefits us all! Hemp provides me with my building blocks, EFAs & Amino Acid chains! Fields of LOVE! Don’t Back down. We need ANSWERS and accountability. NO MORE FENCE SITTING. 

Make your demo completely amazing. Make T-shirts, buttons, Balloons. Sign up as an OFAN volunteer to get ready to receive stickers, banners, and postcards ( We need rambunctious behavior. Whatever your scene, if you smoke weed or not, or you dig hemp power smoothies, RISE-UP to Reclaim what’s ours!

Also make at least some signs MAINSTREAM AS FUCK to get maximum “Look it’s a demo for something super mainstream”. Like “Grow our own food”. 

SITE and TIME for your DEMO: Get it in before it gets dark, during rush hour. You can stay put or Make it like a fun tour, hitting up business districts during dinner and happy hour. Speak out to demand change and get noticed. Break the monotony of business! Be Law abiding but be loud, please. The busiest intersections are great for visibility. We want to influence the senators by demonstrating at their offices, and at hospitals and blood plasma centers (because the omega-3 issue has so much to do with health and our blood). Are there specific landmarks you feel intersect with this agricultural issue? Go there! Its a balance between getting seen and getting high-priority decision-making-entities/individuals to feel the pressure. Since this is a Federal Law reform campaign, Demo at congressional offices, bureaucratic offices, Capitol Buildings, Depts of Natural Resources, Agriculture, or Justice Centers to demand accountability. DO something with others affected by cannabis legislation, bring medical marijuana advocates to demo at the hospitals to show we want everyone’s issues fully addressed. CVS is the subject of a pressure campaign to stop overfishing for Omega-3s. There’s a great venue there (since CVS is everywhere) to bring attention to the need to grow more Omega-3s. (CVS Petition Here:

Get the Word out: Start an event on social media! Drop a line to friends you know despise hemp prohibition. Tell everyone it’s time to resolve the issue in public. Make your own group to facilitate future events! Send emails, get on the radio, send text messages, click invite on the facebook event! Find allied communities in FB groups and independent stores. Think of religious groups and be inclusive!

Use imagery in signs, banners and posts: Make it appropriate, we’re healing our bodies (nutrition and CBD cannabinoid medicines) and our planet. Make it feel warm whatever era you connect with. Use the peace dove flying, rainbows, cannabis leaves. Let your spirit explode with expression in awe of botanical wonderment! More Tactics to be prepared to employ: 1) Bring fliers. Can you spring for a bullhorn? Throw a “Hemp for Vegislative Victory” party, dance party, benefit concert 4)Chants, cheers, songs! 5) Balloons and costumes 6) Take a Drug war rant to particular office building landmark and be heard. We have every right to be PISSED.  Connect with the general public: We are appealing to politicians to pass the bill, but also nurture that sense of understanding in your community! Get noisy It’s time for everyone to take a position and co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. No more Fence sitting!! Big Thanks to Omega Fats Action Network #ActOnFats for creating these memes.

For MORE Actions ideas from OFAN, see the extensive ways to help specifically with #FattyAcidBalance in mind!take-action/c39c 

akron action

sticker series _ hempseed oilsticker series _ vegan non violent

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